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Whether you’re a very active pilot, a not-so-active pilot, or not even a pilot at all, your involvement in flying does not have to depend on the amount of time you spend in the cockpit of an airplane. Through high-caliber aviation books and videos, your connection can take place anytime, as often as you want. In the comfort of your easy chair, you can increase your knowledge of a wide range of aviation subjects, become a better, safer, more competent pilot – and enjoy the process! At Butterfield Press, we offer a small number of aviation books and one video that are the absolute best at covering their subjects and are guaranteed to make your flying more enjoyable. Ready to copy?

The GPS & Nav/Comm Buyer’s Guide by Keith Connes will help you make the right decisions in purchasing avionics of any kind.

Choosing Your Homebuilt by Ken Armstrong will keep you from making the mistakes that cause most homebuilt projects to die unfinished in the workshop.

For laughs while you learn, You Want to Build and Fly a WHAT? by Dick Starks will give you a wacky (but useful!) view of learning to fly and completing a far-out homebuilding project.

And we are the distributor of a very informative video: Aircraft Buying Advice from the Experts, hosted by Guy Maher, will open your eyes to the pitfalls that lie in wait for the unwary plane purchaser.

Choose any or all of our products with our promise that they will deliver everything you expect, and more, or you can return them for a prompt refund of your purchase price. (We’ve had about ten books come back to us — in the 13 years we’ve been in business.)

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